Three simple ways to get organized this year

As a mom of a toddler, getting and staying organized is always a chore especially during the month after Christmas due to the influx of games and toys. Here are some tips for easy ways to get organized this year.

3 simple ways to get organized this year


Three simple ways to get organized this year

Use a planner

The first thing you need to get organized in the new year is a planner. In the past, I used the reminder app on my iPhone but that wasn’t an effective system for me. Last year, I used these pages in a notebook. They had everything that I needed. It was a pain to print these out at the library, though. At the end of last year, I received this planner. This planner works better for me because it fits into my purse. I love that it has a lot of space to write notes. Since this planner does not have all the sections the other one did, I color code using colored pens. For example gold for blogging, light blue for mom/ social stuff, red for meals, dark blue/ black for work, green for workouts, and orange for personal stuff such as appointments.

I wrote a whole post about managing time, read it here.


Donate clothes that you and your children do not wear or have outgrown. Store away clothes that your children have outgrown if keeping for future children. If the clothing is not in perfect condition or my child never wore, I donate because I do not want to use up space storing these clothes.

Do you have shoe boxes that you are not using? Recycle or use to organize.

Go through your toys and donate or throw away toys that are not used, broken or have been outgrown. My son had lots of cars and plastic car tracks but he received newer more age appropriate cars for Christmas and wood tracks.

Rotating toys is another way to keep your child’s toy selection fresh without buying more toys.

Often times, bathrooms collect lots of unused items. I’ve received a lot of bath products that I have no intention of using. Or we empty out a bottle and forget to throw it away. Check to see if your sunscreen is expired. I threw out one of my hand towels that had a rip in it and replaced it with a nicer one from Target.

In the kitchen, my plastic container drawer was filling up. I save plastic containers from yogurt and sour cream. I recycled all of the containers without lids and lids without containers.


Toys, puzzles, books, and games can cause a lot of clutter. Our games were stacked on a shelf. I wanted to make Hezekiah’s books more accessible to him so I bought some zippered envelopes (similar to these) from the Dollar Tree. Each game and puzzle has its own envelope that he is able to open and close by himself. I also bought a large basket from Value Village to hold all of his games and his reusable stickers and sticker pad. This basket fits perfectly under his table.

I used a basket from Target to hold my games and a wood crate to hold extra books (both of these are shown in the photo above).

As you are purging and organizing look for containers that can be used for another purpose. I used a spice bottle as a paint brush holder on my son’s table. These little bottles have so many uses.

children's table

How are you getting organized this year?

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