The best books for 6-18 months

Since becoming a mom 18 months ago, I have read only book for my own entertainment but I have read countless board books with my son, Hezekiah. He loves books and reading together has been such a special time for us. The local library is a great resource for finding new books and many of them offer story time for babies and toddlers. This list contains the books that my son loves best and that I also enjoy reading to him.

Best books for 6-18 months


Best Books for 6-18 months

Books featuring photos of babies

Babies love to look at books featuring photos of babies. We first started looking for these books after reading this post on Eco Novice suggesting baby face books for potty time. They were an instant hit so I looked for these books whenever we went to the library.
Baby Talk! This is our favorite and it has been great for encouraging my son’s speech.
Baby Faces by Margaret Miller This book focuses on babies faces and their emotions.

The Global Fund for Children books

We discovered each of these books at the library. I love how they show a variety of babies from all over the world.

Global Babies (also available in a bilingual Spanish edition) Each page in this book features a baby from a different country. The message is that babies all over the world are loved and bring joy.
Global Baby Girls For awhile, this was my son’s favorite book. This book follows the same format as Global Babies and has a message that little girls from all countries can change the world.
Global Baby Boys
American Babies
This book is similar to the others except that are of the babies are from the U.S. Like the other books, the babies have a variety of skin tones and are in different environments.


Animal books are very popular with children. I have had so much fun teaching Hezekiah animal sounds even though he makes one sound for most of the animals which sounds like a combination of a cow, sheep and horse.

I Would Tuck You In by Sarah Asper-Smith and Mitchell Watley I first read this book while interning for Alaska Airlines Magazine several years ago. I fell in love with this cute book. All of the animals featured in the book live in the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska).

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown I chose this book for Hezekiah because I love JJ Heller’s “The Boat Song” which is based on this book. Lori Sutherland who teaches my Mom’s class at church described Runaway Bunny as “a beautiful story of the balance of high love and high control in mothering… And a picture of God’s love for us as expressed in Psalm 139.” I love that perspective of this classic book.

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman This is a classic book that I remember from my childhood. After the baby bird is hatched, he goes on an adventure to find his mother. On the way he meets several animals.

Wherever You Are My Love will Find You by Nancy Tillman I love this book by the best selling author of On The Night You Were Born. I used to read this book to my son every night before he went to bed. It didn’t take long for me to memorize which I didn’t mind because the words are beautiful. Tillman’s illustrations are also a delight.

My Favorite Pets (Little Scholastic) This book is great for babies because it allows them to feel the animals. My son’s favorite was the dog.

Waddle! by Rufus Butler Seder I picked up this book at the thrift store before going on a road trip when Hezekiah was a few months old. This book is unique in that is uses scanimation to make each of the animals move as you turn the page. It is great for little ones who are too young for TV especially on road trips.

Woolly the Sheep (Usborne books) I have been a sheep lover for a long time (they’re so cute) and I have passed this sheep love on to my son. This is a cute (and short) book about a sheep who wanders out of his pen.

A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn A beautiful story of a mother showing favor and affection to her child. The mother in this book really considers her little raccoon’s feelings and helps him through a difficult situation.

Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day To be honest, this isn’t my favorite book but my son loves it. Some of his first words were, “good dog”. There is only one sentence on the first page and the rest are just pictures but there is a story and it forces you to be creative.

Where do I Sleep? A Pacific Northwest Lullaby By Jennifer Blomgren This is a book we checked out from the library. It was fun to read about animals that live nearby and that we have seen at the zoo.

Books that teach life skills

Books have been really helpful in teaching my son and giving him an opportunity to practice his words and signs.
Can You Say Please? This book teaches children to use phrases such as “please” and “let’s share”. My son enjoyed looking at the photos of the children.
Bye Bye Time by Elizabeth Verdick This book was very instrumental in helping my son say goodbye when I would leave him with somebody else for a couple of hours. Before leaving, I would repeat the words and actions of the book and he seemed to understand that I would be back.

Books that feature vehicles

Baby Touch and Feel Trucks This fun book features several different kinds of vehicles and has a texture for each one.

Little Blue Truck One of our favorite books about a little truck that helps a bigger truck with the help of his animal friends. This is a great book for teaching little ones animal sounds.

What is your favorite book for babies?


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