Nine ways to support single moms

We can help single mothers moms by supporting them emotionally through friendship and financially through sharing resources.  Being a single mom is lonely and exhausting.  I so appreciate the people in my life that have made things easier for me and have shown me that they care about me during this time in my life.  When you show support to a single mom, it not only affects her but her children. For some, it might change their lives.

Nine Ways to Support Single Moms

1. Offer to watch her children
Even if she has family near by, with appointments, work, and other obligations, there will be times that she needs somebody to watch her child. I know that I am always looking for somebody to watch my son.

2. Offer rides
If you know a single mom that doesn’t have a car or reliable transportation, giving them a ride is a practical way you can help them get to work or go to appointments.

3. Take her out on a “date”
Extend friendship and treat this mom to coffee or a meal. Many single moms can’t afford to treat themselves even though they work pretty hard.

4. Start an Embrace Grace or Embrace Life group at your church
These groups are a life saver for women with unplanned pregnancies and young single moms.  I have involved with both of these groups. The love that these ladies showed to us moms was one of the greatest things ever. These women are still in my life and show me support and help me out when I need it.

5. Throw a baby shower  Or organize a supply drive to donate to a local mom or non-profit that works with single moms. One of the things that I love about Embrace Grace is that they throw baby showers for the women who attend their group.

6. Send a note of encouragement
All moms need encouragement but when you are doing it on your own, we need all the encouragement we can get. I will be distributing notes to single moms. You can help me out with this project by emailing me a note that you would like passed on to a single mom. If you know a mom that you would like to receive a note, let me know.

7. Volunteer at a maternity home or home for teen moms
In Spokane, we have GraceSon for teen moms (where I work) and Life Services’ maternity home. There’s also Hearth Homes which provides a home for single mothers over the age of 18.

8. Support their business
Visit my shop page to see a list of businesses that support moms including some single moms.

9. Share your resources and skills
Use your talents to help a mom who might not be able to afford professional services. When I moved into my apartment, so many people helped by giving us shelves, kitchen supplies, and even a bed for my son. Somebody has also helped me with my car when I needed repairs.

What would you add to this list?

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