How to Have Dates After Baby

Since it is almost Valentines Day, I wanted to give you some ideas for having fun with your husband. It wasn’t until recently that my husband and I have been able to go on dates without our son, Hezekiah who is now 19 months. For the first year of being new parents, most of our dates included baby. When he was younger (especially as a newborn), we could walk around with him in the Ergo and it was almost like he wasn’t there because he was either content being worn or or sleeping. It was so nice when he could sleep anytime anywhere (while being worn in the Ergo).

How to Have Dates After Baby

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Since Hezekiah was born in the beginning of the summer we had planned on taking advantage of the Shakespeare in the parks performances as well as movies in the park. We ended up being too tired and busy for those activities but we still got out a lot.

Here are some more date ideas that are baby friendly:

  • Farmers Market Shop for your produce and eat lunch together (either a picnic lunch from home or food from one of the stands.) Seattle has several farmer’s markets including some that are open year round
  • Walk on beach and dinner at a restaurant nearby This is perfect for babywearing because babies love to move. (The sound of the water is probably calming too.) If you are in Seattle, I suggest Alki beach and The Cactus for dinner. In the Spokane area, there is Lake Couer d’ Alene and restaurants in the adjacent downtown area.
  • Burritos See photos below. Seattle has a delicious burrito restaurant called Gorditos. If you bring in your newborn baby, you get a free baby sized burrito. The decor at Gorditos is photos of all of those babies. I love it! Even if you don’t have a burrito place like this in your town bring your baby and order a gigantic burrito. Please show me pictures if you do this.
    burrito baby
    burrito baby with mom
    burrito baby with dad

    At home after baby is in bed 

    Babies usually go to bed early which gives you plenty of time for at home fun.

  • Drinks and a show Recently, my husband went and picked up some hot chocolate from Chocolati (a hot chocolate place in Seattle) then we watched the newest episode of Call the Midwife (you’re probably jealous).
  • two player game that you both like playing. For us it’s Carcassone.
  • Give each other massages. Who doesn’t need a massage? Light the candles. I used our Burts Bees baby oil and Burts Bees leg lotion for the legs.
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    Going out without baby

    Our first date without baby was when Hezekiah was eight months last Valentines Day. We did the usual– dinner at a fancy restaurant. York (my husband) wanted us to take a walk before dinner so we parked on the Magnolia side of the locks and walked over to our favorite restaurant India Bistro in Ballard. It was my first attempt at pumping and having somebody give H a bottle. I suggest trying this before your big date. It worked out though (he didn’t drink any of my milk but he didn’t starve).

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Where did you go on your first date after baby was born?

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  1. I love this post! And if I have any more babies I am making a special trip to go get a baby sized burrito! That is THE coolest thing I have ever seen! I love all your ideas and I know my hubby would too! Thanks!

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