How to create a quiet time basket for a toddler

Toddlers love to mimic their parents and if your toddler is like mine, he is constantly getting into your stuff. He loves to “color” with my highlighters. Keeping him occupied while I get work done or read my Bible is important so that we can have some quiet time together. It’s not always easy but I want to have an environment that encourages him to be independent. Creating this quiet time basket for my 21 month old will help me do that.

How to create a quiet time basket for a toddler

how to create a quiet time easter basket for a toddler

I am planning on giving this basket to Hezekiah on Easter. It will be so nice to have a basket that we can keep Hezekiah’s coloring supplies and Bible books in. He loves joining me when I do my devotions and I think including him in this time is a good habit to start now. He mostly colors but sometimes he looks at his Bible (he got several for Christmas last year). This will be a basket of age appropriate items for quiet time. Each year I can update it according to age or to replace the used items.

Here are some of the things I am putting in the basket (everything came from the thrift store or Dollar Tree):

  • A clipboard from the thrift store. This is a great surface for kids to use for coloring, drawing etc.
  • Writing and drawing utensils such as crayons. We need some that are big enough for my 21 month old to use easily and won’t break right away. Mama Natural recommends some natural beeswax crayons (see link below).
  • Coloring book. I am hoping to find a Bible theme or at least something that he will like more than my Care Bear coloring book.
  • Blank notepad or sketchpad.
  • Stickers. Toddlers love stickers. He can use this to decorate his clipboard, coloring book or a random cardboard box. Stickers are great fine motor practice.
  • Bible books. The dollar store usually has some small Bible themed books.
  • other quiet activities can be added as well

Check out Mama Natural’s Easter basket ideas.

how to create a quiet time basket for a toddler




What do you use to keep your toddler occupied while you get work done?


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