Flourish: Good food for the soul

I recently wrote about hope, one of the words that has been coming up a lot. The other word is flourish. According to the dictionary, flourish means to grow luxuriantly, or thrive in growth, as a plant. In orders for plants to grow luxuriantly they must be fed.

Today I am going to talk about food for the soul that helps us as mothers grow and become our best selves.

Flourish: Good Food for the Soul

Flourish: good food for the soul
















Mark 4:8 “Some fell on good earth and came up with a flourish, producing a harvest exceeding [their] wildest dreams.”

Mark 4:8












I am in MOPs again this year and the theme is a fierce flourishing. I love it and am so excited to see how I flourish as a mom this year. I want to fill my life with “good earth”: the things that will help me flourish. Those things include scripture (reading things that encourage, challenge and inspire me), prayer and surrounding myself with good friends (other moms on this journey of motherhood).

  1. Scripture (reading things that encourage, challenge and inspire me) 

Reading the Bible is my main source of soul food. I have the Bible app on my phone so I can read while nursing my son or riding the bus. Before I moved, I had scripture written out on notecards taped to the wall above my kitchen sink. Listening to worship music that is based on scripture is another good way for busy moms to get this soul food.

I read several blogs that encourage me as a mother and as a wife and I try to stay away from negativity.

2. Prayer 

I don’t want prayer to be one of the many things on my to do list. I pray throughout the day and have prayer written into my schedule along with Bible and journaling. As a mom of an 18 month old, it is hard to focus and quiet my soul. Whether you believe in praye or not, I encourage you to take some quiet time (maybe even just a few minutes) alone. I still need to work on this but this is important for me to grow.

3. Friends

Having other people around that understand what you are going through is so important. We need support and encouragement from other moms. I didn’t have any friends with young babies for the first few months of my son’s life; it was lonely. Join groups (there are so many on Facebook) and go places where moms hangout (baby storytime, play areas…). I am in MOPs for the second year and also am in a moms class at my church. Both are very different but provide me with fellowship with other moms. Check out my list of parent group resources here.

4. Music

There’s something about music that most people find uplifting. I use music in the mornings to give me a boost and help wake me up. During workouts, I listen to rock music to get my body moving. I listen to music while doing chores to distract myself (TV is too much of a distraction for me). I try to avoid music that is negative and going to bring me down.

5. Moms night out

This goes well with friends but this can be done solo as well. I wrote about how to do this in another post. We needs breaks away from our children. When they are very young, these breaks are very short (but still necessary). My first time away from my son was a quick trip to Target. Now that my son is 18 months, it is easier to get breaks but I have to be intentional about getting out of the house to do something fun for myself.

6. Journaling (and hobbies)

This is important to me as a writer but I know that not everybody journals. Expressing yourself in whatever way suits you best is food. I’ve wanted to get serious about a blog for awhile and having a child has actually inspired me to do that. He inspires me to help moms on this journey, help them flourish, give them hope and support them in their parenting. What inspires you?

How to flourish

What is good food that helps you flourish?

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