Doula resources

Birth doulas and postpartum doulas play such an important role in helping moms during the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I had a birth doula present when giving birth to my son and I can’t imagine doing it without her calm and steady support. Our wonderful midwives sent a postpartum doula to spend some time with us the first night after my son was born. These experiences and my passion to help women has led me on this journey to becoming a postpartum doula. Check out my postpartum services here.

Doula Resources

doula resources

DONA International find a doula near you find a doula near you
NAPS (Northwest Association for Postpartum Support) find a postpartum doula in the Puget Sound Region

Bloom Spokane find a birth doula or postpartum doula in the Spokane area

Brittany Furgason at Knit Together Births, Birth doula in Tacoma, WA

Xylina Weaver at Spokane Birth Support, birth and postpartum doula in Spokane, WA

Tammy Huguein at Tiny Toes Birth ServicesPostpartum doula in Spokane, WA

Courageous Beginnings Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Services at C.A.R.E Alliance NW in Spokane, WA

Helen Martin at Born Ready LLC, postpartum doula in the Seattle area (I interviewed Helen for this post about elimination communication).

Courtney Pegram at Small Beginnings Photography and Birth Services, birth doula in the Spokane area (Courtney took these photos.)

Morgan Brooks birth and bereavement doula in Spokane, WA

Esther Edith doula and photographer in Spokane, WA

Over the Moon Birthing in Spokane

Natalie Bee Photography birth doula, postpartum doula

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