Babywearing photos for lending library

Babywearing has been an important part of my parenting and since I don’t have a car it has been a necessity. My son has always loved to be held and when he was a newborn the only way I could eat lunch was by having him in the Ergo.

I was so excited for this opportunity to get some photos wearing Hezekiah before he gets too big to wear (he turns two in 3 months). The babywearing group in Spokane is starting a lending library and Courtney Pegram, a birth doula and photograhper at Small Beginnings Photography and Birth Services, volunteered to take photos as a fundraiser.

The lending library will give moms and dads the opportunity to try different kinds of carriers. The cost of a year’s membership is a lot less than most baby carriers. This lending library will give parents the opportunity to borrow wraps and carriers that they would not be able to afford and find the carrier that works best for them. I am looking forward to becoming a member of this

babywearing photo by Courtney Pegram

My little boy can be so serious sometimes (like during this photoshoot) but at home he is crazy silly. I love him so much. In the photo below, I was bouncing Hezekiah trying to get him to smile. It wasn’t a success and he looks grumpy like he does in so many other photos.


Babywearing meetings are a great way to make friends and get help with babywearing. In these photos, I am wearing an Indajani handwoven wrap that I got for my birthday last summer. I haven’t had much luck getting Hezekiah on my back on my own so just a few minutes before this photo was taken, one of the volunteer leaders of the group helped him get him on my back. I was so grateful for the help.

babywearing photo by Courtney Pegram

I’m so thankful for the babywearing groups that I have been a part of and am looking forward to helping new moms learn how to wear their babies when I help moms as a postpartum doula.

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