Best books for 2 year olds

Best books for two year olds

Some days my son just loves to read and is constantly bringing me books to read to him. We are still enjoying many books from my list of best books for 6-18 month olds.

When we moved into our new home, I set up a reading area for him with a little chair and a sling bookshelf. I recently put a crate in the living room as an overflow for his books that get left out. He has the option of reading alone or reading with me and he does both.

Best books for two year olds

Best books for two year olds

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Classic Board Books) by Michael Rosen This classic board book is a story of a family adventure. I think toddlers love the fun, repetitive words in this book.

On the Night you Were Born by Nancy Tillman This book is about the uniqueness of each child. My son loves the paintings of the animals.

Hezekiah reading the Jesus Story book Bible
Hezekiah reading the Jesus Story book Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible Many parents agree that this is the best children’s Bible out there. I teared up just reading the introduction. I appreciate the artwork in this Bible and I love that each story points to Jesus. This is a must buy for Christian parents.

Ready, Set, Go! by Nina Laden We found this book in a Little Free Library while waiting for pizza in Seattle. This is a very short board book that we love to read because I added hand motions for each of the pages.

Mirror Me! We’ve had this book for awhile but my son is just now getting interested in following the directions on each page. The mirrors in this book…

Are You My Mother? by PD Eastman Another classic that children still love today. A baby bird searches for his mother while meeting several different animals.

Go, Dog. Go! by PD Eastman My son loves dogs so it is not surprising that this book is on the list. The simple, silly words in this book are entertaining and memorable for little ones.

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin  This funny book is a New York Times Best Illustrated book and it follows Farmer’s Brown’s duck who is tired of doing chores and picking espresso beans out of his feathers.

Bulldozers There are many board books about bulldozers available. My son loves trucks of all kinds and it is fun that he recognizes bulldozers when we pass construction sites.

My First Trucks My son checked this book out from the library at least five times. This book taught him the name of the different types of trucks.

Christmas in the Manger by Laura Goodwin We read this book a lot last month (December) and I didn’t mind because it only has a few words per page.

Forever by Emma Dodd This is a cute book about parent and child polar bears and the love that parents have for their children.

Books from the dollar tree The Dollar Tree has a lot of board books that can be used for stocking stuffers. I used books such as “Miracles of the Bible” and “God Made Me” for this quiet time basket.

Bob Books by Bobby Lynn Maslen These small books were created to teach children reading skills. some of the books are focused on just two letters while others feature short stories with simple words and pictures.

Best books for two year olds

What are your favorite books for two year olds?


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The Motherhood Journey: 2016

The Motherhood Journey 2016

It’s a new year and I am looking forward to a new year of blogging consistently and growing as a mom. I can’t believe my son turns three this year.

This last year was not an easy year for me but there some good things that happened. this past year I started several new jobs including working at a home for teen moms. This last year I found community through church and through mom groups. This year I started a business with Trades of Hope. Through all the hard times I’ve held onto hope.

This is what the year looked like in my motherhood journey.

The Motherhood Journey 2016

The Motherhood Journey 2016

Babywearing: My son is getting older so I haven’t worn him much lately but babywearing (or toddler wearing) was necessary in so many situations. For example, stores that don’t have carts, long hikes, the zoo, and when he wanted to be held but I was cooking.Check out our photos from the photo shoot fundraiser for the local babywearing library. I encourage you to join your local babywearing group for help with carriers and to try the different types.

Bravery: As a mom going through big life changes and uncertain times, God helped me be brave. Read about how I went from fear to pursuing my dreams.

Flourish: I learned how to flourish and what things are important and necessary for feeding the soul. I love that this is an area where we can continually grow. As moms, it is so important that we take care of ourselves as we take care of our little ones.

Fun: As a mom including fun times for your children is so important, especially if you work from home. I have greatly improved with my time management but also need to make sure my son is having a good time. One of the ways I did this was by creating a quiet time basket to keep him occupied while I did work or had my own “quiet time”.

Top 4 posts on the blog this year

  1. Why I chose The Tiny Potty Training Book to Potty Train My 18 Month Old

It has been almost a year since I potty trained Hezekiah and to be honest he still has accidents occasionally. I don’t regret potty training him “early” though. We saved a lot of diapers and my son gained a lot of independence. Potty training is not easy and I don’t know how I would have done it without this book and the support I had.

2. Tips for helping your child adjust to a sibling

I still only have one child but most of my friends have at least two kids so I had lots of sources. In the future, these tips will be very helpful.

3. How to have dates after baby

Going on a date when you have a new baby can seem impossible for some couples. In this post I give some ideas to make it happen.

4. The truth about postpartum depression, anxiety and baby blues

This was a guest post but I am glad that it was so popular since this is an important topic.

What four words described your year as a mom?

Mom and son photos in the snow

I finally got some professional photos of my son and I. The last time we had photos of the two of us was the babywearing fundraiser and Hezekiah has grown so much since then. My son was grumpy and it was freezing out but the photos turned out pretty good. Photographer Laurin Crosby set up this cute hot cocoa stand at a park near our home in Spokane Valley, Washington.